Pixel Worlds Tools

A utility tool application made for the game called Pixel Worlds. It can be used to plan out world creations, player equipment sets and even gems calculation for fishing and mining.

This application is made possible by Kukouri Mobile Entertainment as all assets used from Pixel Worlds are used with permission from Kukouri Mobile Entertainment.


Pixel Worlds Wiki Bot

A discord bot made for the game called Pixel Worlds. It is used to allow a seamless connection of the game's Fandom data to be displayed onto Discord with a simple command.

This bot is currently in 70 Discord servers as of May 1st 2022. This includes Pixel Worlds Official Discord Server which consists of more than 20,000 users.


What If

A game made as a submission for Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2 with the theme of Rewind. The game was made within a week with sound effects made using bfxr and music made using BOSCA CEOIL.

The game is a 2D platformer game that revolves around the story of David and how his life was miserable. Only if he could rerun his life again to make the correct decisions, maybe his life could be better.